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Curvature standard max 10 mm/m. Specially straightened below 5mm/m only for plain wires. The risk of wire breakage is substantially reduced by our guaranteed offset knurling.

Flat wire Specifications


  • Thickness = min 0.06 mm; max 1.5 mm
  • Width = min 0.25 mm; max 6.5 mm


depending on diameter, material, strength and surface
  • Closest thickness tolerance +/- 5 µm
  • Closest width tolerance +/- 5 µm


  • Curvature standard max 10 mm/m
  • Special design under 5mm/m (only for plain wires)

Edge configuration

  • 2 straight edges with 4 corner radii left
    In this case all 4 edges of the wire are processedby a roller. The size of the 4 free formed remaining radii can be determined. Compared to the natural edge, for this edge configuration the width tolerance can be closer. This edge configuration is offered and produced by us as standard.
  • naturally formed edges
    This edge form is achieved by milling a round wire into a flat wire, without impinging on the edge.
  • rolled edges
    In this case the radius can be determined, which is then rolled in geometric form onto the sides of the flat wire.
  • knurled


  • Plain or electroplated
  • Excellent electronics quality

Special features of edge knurling

  • Our guaranteed offset knurling substantially reduces the risk of wire breakage.

Forms of delivery

Various spools

Flat wire Hersteller
Ohne Kantenbearbeitung - frei ausgeformte Kanten
Gewalzte Kanten
Gewalzte Kanten
An den Seiten gewaltze Kanten - geometrische Radien
2 gerade Seiten - 4 Resteckenradien
2 gerade Seiten - 4 Resteckenradien
Alle vier Seiten mit Rollen bearbeitet

Our quality - your safety

As a longtime partner of numerous large automotive suppliers around the world, we have been certified according to IATF 16949.