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Under layers

  • Copper
  • Nickel

Covering layers

  • Pure tin
  • Pure tin reflowed
  • Bright tin
  • Tin lead 95/5 (not RoHS-compliant)
  • Silver
  • Gold

Storage conditions

To protect the quality properties of high tinned wires (especially the solder ability and oxide-free surface) a careful treatment concerning transport and storage is necessary.

Following points have to be respected:
  • closed space
  • no draft (open doors and windows)
  • relative humidity: 40-70%
  • storage temperature: 18 - 30°C
  • no storage with materials giving off aggressive vapours or dust
  • cover hood for dust protection during long-term storage time

The possible storage period is directly affected by the above mentioned storage conditions. But constant humidity and storage temperature are particularly important. Deviations from the ranges we have specified can shorten storage time or cause quality problems.